Dot Property Philippines Awards 2017

Best Developer Cebu - Citrineland

Citrineland is a local real estate developer in Cebu City, Philippines. It is a subsidiary of Innoland Development Corporation, the developer of Cebu’s first iconic green building, Calyx Centre. Citrineland diligently follows the same philosophy espoused by its mother company. They build sustainable projects that do not compromise the quality of life while respecting the environment and, at the same time, making it accessible to more people from a price perspective.

There were many solid candidates for Best Developer Cebu at The Dot Property Awards 2017, but the developer’s commitment to its core values is truly impressive. It is just one of the many reasons Citrineland is the winner of Best Developer Cebu this year.

Crystal Chloe Ong-Chua, Citrineland’s Internal VP for Sales and Marketing, offers insights on the firm’s goals and what it means to be a winner at The Dot Property Awards 2017.

Winning Best Cebu Developer is a prestigious honour and shows you are leading the way when it comes to real estate in the region. What makes Citrineland stand out? What are some of your unique selling points?

Citrineland was born in pursuit of realising the Cebuano’s dream of homes that echo their deep love for family and hard work. We pride ourselves in building with an eye to the future, committed to creating sustainable ecosystems- working with nature, not against it. Citrineland projects are all well thought, masterly executed green designs yet very affordable.

Eco-conscious, Differentiated, Responsible.

The name Citrineland comes from the citrine gemstone. Can you explain to readers the importance of your name and why you chose it?

Citrineland takes inspiration from citrine, the sparkling gemstone known to attract happiness, success and prosperity. In the same way that the stone brings abundance, Citrineland is committed to build communities that will elevate the quality of life. We believe owning a home at a reasonable price should not compromise your quality of life; we are called to build better, to inspire and innovate. Like a citrine gemstone, each finished home we build shines.

Arguably the two most important things for homebuyers in Cebu and the Philippines as a whole are affordability and quality. What do you do to offer high quality developments that are affordable?

Our company is committed to providing excellent customer satisfaction by ensuring our products and services are superior in value. We streamline our processes and vertically integrate in order to be able to add value to our products.

In addition to affordability and high quality, consumers have come to recognise Citrineland as being a developer in Cebu that is eco-friendly.

Why is this important? What measures do you take to ensure your projects are eco-friendly?

We carefully craft our projects with passion. In Citrineland, all projects are well planned and thought of in terms of design. We greatly consider our tropical climate. With this in mind, we design homes that allow good air flow for proper ventilation, add features to re-use water from rain and take advantage of the sun to help minimise energy consumption by bringing daylight into the homes.

We invest in research and development to continuously explore different building philosophies that honour the ecosystem by harnessing its strengths and preventing damage to our environment.

Can you explain what makes the Cebu market unique? What are some things people living outside of the Philippines might not know about Cebu’s real estate market?

Cebu has become one of the strongest local economies in the Philippines and the second largest metropolis outside Metro Manila. Cebu is diverse since it is where people from the region converge.

The Cebu market is exceptionally value sensitive and our customers are highly discerning. They value their hard-earned money and are always looking for a great deal. They are not impulsive buyers, each purchase is always planned, thought about and decided with their families in mind. This brings us to the reason why many consumer products are tested in Cebu because the belief is if it succeeds in Cebu, it will be a winner.

What are Citrineland’s plans for the future? What can consumers expect to see from you moving forward?

Citrineland continues to evolve by reinventing different real estate products in its category. It will continue raising the bar and breaking barriers, creating products that challenge existing alternatives in the market.

What does it mean for Citrineland to win best Cebu Developer at The Dot Property Philippines Awards?

Winning Best Developer in Cebu by Dot Property Philippines confirms that our advocacies are very much aligned with that of the discerning customers. It means we are doing the right thing and it inspires us to build more and build better so more Cebuanos would be able to enjoy the perks of having homes of good quality at affordable price points.