Best Boutique Developer Mañosa Properties has a number of boutique projects

Best Boutique Developer - Mañosa Properties

The best boutique residential developments manage to capture the imagination of the public while still providing a high level of livability. This isn’t always an easy balance to strike, but no one does it better than Mañosa Properties, Inc., the winner of Best Boutique Developer at The Dot Property Philippines Awards 2017.

Mañosa Properties was founded by Architect Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa and his son Dino as a natural offshoot of their award-winning architectural firm, Mañosa & Co., Inc. in 2009. In the years since its inception, Mañosa Properties has made its mark in the upscale property development arena, earning both local and international recognition for creating artisanal urban communities that combine the best of sustainable Filipino design with earth-friendly innovations and professional property management.

From concept, drawing board and construction to sales, account management and turnover – the top-caliber team at Mañosa Properties handles all the different steps and stages of turning a Mañosa community into reality. Their goal is to create communities they want to live in. Ones that feature timeless Filipino design which honours and innovate heritage, care for the environment and cater to all generations.

Nowhere is this passion more evident than at their Campanilla Lane and Tagô developments. These beautiful communities have been painstakingly planned to create positive environments that truly feel like home.

Campanilla Lane is a luxury residential development located on Campanilla Street in new Manila. Inspired by the Philippine ancestral home, each structure in the community fuses traditional Filipino elements with contemporary architecture and innovative green design.

The development features a unique configuration of units, unlikely to ever be replicated again. Its 22 homes are comprised of 18 luxury apartments and four Manosa villas. Additionally, the complex itself enjoys a peaceful, verdant environment set apart from chaos of the city while still being easily accessible to major thoroughfares and commercial areas.

Tagô, located along Bonifacio Drive in Tagaytay, is the pioneer community of country homes by Mañosa Properties. Tagô is master-planned to make the most of the raw natural beauty that surrounds it.

Private by design, the Tagô development will made up of only 52 two-story homes, 13 Ara-al homes and 39 adobe homes. Each home takes inspiration from the classic bahay kubo, featuring an airy, open-plan design crafted to incorporate the green and uniquely Filipino design elements Mañosa legacy is known for.

Boutique residential developments are an art form and no one creates this art as beautifully as Mañosa Properties, The Dot Property Philippines Awards 2017’s Best Boutique Developer.


Product type: Residential Subdivision

Architect: Mañosa & Co.

Location: Tagaytay City, Cavite

Launch date: November 2014

Total land area of development: 2.8 hectares

Total number of units: 52

Facilities: Swimming pool, clubhouse, central park

Sales office phone: (63) 917.823.7840

Email: [email protected]



Campanilla Lane

Product type: Low-rise Residential Development

Architect: Mañosa & Co.

Location: New Manila, Quezon City

Expected completion date: May 2017

Total land area of development: 3,078 square meters

Total number of units: 22 units

Facilities: Swimming pool, multi-purpose hall

Sales office phone: (63) 917.823.7840

Email: [email protected]