Even as uncertainty surrounded Vietnam’s real estate market during the past 10 years, Novaland Group persevered through diligent preparation and hard work. These efforts paid off as the company finally debuted on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange late last year, firmly entrenching itself as one of the country’s top developers.

Having been in business for 24 years, the developer has 40 projects in its portfolio and has transferred more than 6,000 units to happy customers who know that when they purchase a home from Novaland, they are getting the best. Everything from design to the facilities at its projects are thoughtfully considered to ensure residents aren’t simply acquiring a unit, but get to enjoy a certain lifestyle.

When narrowing the list of candidates for Best Developer Vietnam at The Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2017, this was a factor that was heavily considered. Competition in the Vietnamese real estate market is at an all-time high as the tastes of buyers has continued to evolve. Cookie-cutter units at ordinary buildings are no longer passable and consumers in Vietnam demand the absolute best when it comes to property.

This is where Novaland shines. Much like a composer putting together a symphony, the firm considers every little detail before launching a project to ensure residents are able to indulge in a harmonious life. Whether it is the lush greenery at Lakeview City or the strategic location of Newton Residences, all aspects of daily life seamlessly come together to provide unmatched convenience.

The developer continues to bring new and exciting projects to the market with each one capturing the imagination of end users and investors alike. Their developments are luxurious and meet international standards while still maintaining elements popular in Vietnam.

Equally as important, Novaland is willing to build all types of developments in order to serve the public. It has developed detached housing, villas, apartments, condominiums and mixed-use projects that all meet the company’s exacting standards.

Looking towards the long term

One area Novaland really excels at is vision. Even when times are tough, the developer refuses to compromise on its principles. It believes all activities must be based on truthfulness and integrity to ensure sustainable development.

Additionally, the company trains its more than 2300 staff members to also view the big picture. Everyone at Novaland is committed to reaching long-term goals and not chasing immediate, short-term benefits.

This forward-thinking planning saw Novaland build up a land bank of 9.8 million square meters giving it enough to launch projects for the next five years. The firm is also looking at developing commercial and hospitality projects in the coming years, as it wants to expand its reach into other sectors of the property market.

The foundation of Novaland’s success

Novaland has built its reputation by building high-end developments throughout Southern Vietnam that have resonated with buyers. Here are a few of the firm’s projects:

Saigon Royal Residence

This apartment building also has commercial space and an office-tel. Its convenient location in one of Ho Chi Minh City’s most bustling business districts is near Wall Street in District 1. Of course, all work and no play leads to a dull life and that’s why Saigon Royal Residence is equipped with a number of facilities including a gym, sauna and swimming pool. Best of all, the apartments have views of the city as well as the Ben Nghe Canal and Saigon River.

Lucky Dragon

With a harmonious combination of youthful colours and classic features like marble pillars, Lucky Dragon features a sophisticated design almost exclusively found in Paris. The townhouses and detached apartments at the project have sublime designs while the retail part of the project contains restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues that ensure residents are never bored. Everything comes together to create an integrated living experience not found anywhere else in District 9.

Golden Mansion

Golden Mansion can be found adjacent to two of Ho Chi Minh City’s “green lungs”: Gia Dinh Park and Hoang Van Thu Park. This allows residents to have a healthy living environment. The apartments feature a comfortable living space and have been flexibly arranged to maximise the usable area. The result is a project that offers dynamic living while the central location makes it easy to get around the city.

The best in Vietnam

Vietnam’s real estate market is more developed than it gets credit for. The residential projects found in the country are some of the most advanced in all of Southeast Asia, and Novaland has played a big role in constantly raising the bar. No other developer has the track record or portfolio of projects as robust.

The results are in and Novaland Group is the winner of Best Developer Vietnam at The Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2017.